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Web Design Trends in 2021 – 2022

Updated: Sep 18

The world of web design is a powerful inspiration for many people, and most of us are eagerly awaiting what new things await us in the future. That's why we've done a thorough research and looked for a web design trends, that are trending in the period ahead.


  1. 3D Depth

  2. Split-Screen Content

  3. Asymmetry

  4. Micro Animation

  5. Organic Shapes

  6. Solid Blocks

  7. Black and White “monochrome”

  8. Typography

  9. Image and Text Masking

  10. Line Illustrations

  11. Collage of Drawings and Photographs

  12. Simplified Illustrations

  13. Isometric Illustrations

  14. Geometric Shapes

3D Depth

The 3D trend peaked in 2019 but is unlikely to disappear in the near future. Thanks to advanced technologies and available software’s, we will continue to encounter fantastic-looking 3D graphic compositions on the web. Moreover, in order for designers to capture users' attention as much as possible, they increasingly combine 3D graphics with photos and 2-dimensional objects.

3D Web Design Concept

Split-Screen Content

This web design trend works by splitting the rectangular screen into two sections. Because of the split, both sides of the screen may behave slightly differently. It is most striking if the two sides are somewhat asymmetrical, for example, due to scrolling at different paces. To make sure the visual hierarchy is correct, place an item in the center of the screen where the two sides meet. This will act as a focal point, balance the shared screen and be perfect for action!

Split-Screen Web Design Content


Asymmetrical web design has become more and more popular since 2019 and we will almost certainly see a lot of it in 2022 as well. Web pages are made more interesting in the eyes of users by asymmetric design. There are different levels of asymmetry: from slightly unequal to completely asymmetrical. Important factor that should be considered during use, is to have an appropriate visual balance!

Website Asymmetry

Micro Animation

As the name clearly shows, micro animations are small easy to relate animations. But to point out, micro in this particular case does not mean insignificant, rather equal noteworthy! Micro animations are extremely useful because they guide users with ease to interact on the website. In addition, a certain degree of playfulness is added to web pages, as shown in the following example:

Website Micro Animation

Organic Shapes

The use of geometric shapes was one of the biggest trends in 2019, but 2022 is most likely to be about organic shapes. Organic or as some call it, "liquid" shapes do not contain straight lines at all. Think primarily of forms that occur in nature: mountains, lakes, or rivers. The edges of these are almost always asymmetrical and have many bends.

The use of organic shapes provides a great opportunity to isolate parts and sections of a website without rough straight lines.

Website Organic Shapes

Solid Blocks

Exploiting the possibilities created by the split screen, the content of more and more web pages is broken down into several sections, thus the arrays of squares and rectangles of different sizes are separated. With this form of appearance, you will be able to convey more information at once, in an orderly and coordinated way.

By placing short sentences and photos in each section, the users can easier track the information on the website. In addition, you can display these blocks differently from the color of the website, thus drawing the attention of users.

However, when using monochrome blocks, it is easy to overdo it. Therefore, it is recommended to follow fewer sometimes more principles. Blocks of different colors should be easily accessible and coordinated. Care should be taken to ensure that the monochrome blocks are neatly aligned, and that different images and shapes complement each other.

Web Design Solid Blocks

Black and White “monochrome”

In recent years, graphic designers and web designers have increasingly used monochrome images and graphics. One of the most important trends of 2019-2020 was the use of two-tone images. And it looks that next year, a simplified version of this trend will advance. Monochrome color filters will be widely used for photos and graphics. Here's an example:

Black and White “monochrome” Design


In order to create innovative and modern compositions, web designers will increasingly use typography. This trend will continue to flourish in 2021 and 2022. Artistic typography is one of the most perfect solutions to attract attention. The so-called "maxi" typography will change in such a way that designers will break down words into several elements.

The primary rule should be, that thicker fonts are better. "Heavier" fonts and letters have already taken the lead in the world of graphics. They appear in logos, posters, web design and even packaging. In 2021, the letters will be huge and, unlike before they will extend beyond composition.

Another defining trend in typography in the coming years is to shape forms. This means that letters will follow shapes and curves of the form. In addition, these forms can be 2-dimensional or even 3-dimensional.

The semi-opacity of typography is also becoming more and more fashionable. We will see more and more examples of this next year. Overlapping words, or simply typography will be located behind the image.

Website Typography

Image and Text Masking

Masking images and texts is not a new technology in the world of designers, but it has become quite modern in 2021. The preservation of images leaves open a little mystery and allows a minimalist look. In 2022, web designers will continue to create compositions that mask images and texts and will continue to insist on using "maxi" typography to achieve the desired effect.

Image and Text Masking

Line Illustrations

Outline typography and illustrations were also very popular in 2018 and 2019, and by 2022 this trend will be simplified and essentially transformed into patterns built from lines. The appearance is clean, elegant, and not intrusive. Line illustrations will become one of the most popular representations in the near future.

Line Illustrations in Web Design

Collage of Drawings and Photographs

We are currently witnessing a very interesting creative trend called "doodling". Started out as a hilarious trend in the world of illustration, but then it infiltrated and became popular in web design at lightning speed.

During graphic design, "doodling" helps to create a more informal, personalized, and relaxed atmosphere of the composition.

Designers combine realistic photos with simple illustrations that replace parts of the photo or interact with the photo itself. This innovative trend will become even more decisive in 2022, as it has a lot of potential, but its implementation requires tremendous creativity.

Collage of Drawings and Photographs

Simplified Illustrations

The use of illustrations is nothing new in graphic design. Web designers often use them to convey their concepts and ideas. As for the future, the use of simple illustrations will be the trend.

The lack of detail gives designers the opportunity to focus not only on artistic realization, but also on the message conveyed. In the future, illustrations will often see a simple, sketchy or even a childish artwork.

Simplified Illustrations

Isometric Illustrations

Isometric illustration has been among the most important trends for years and undergoes many transformations every year. They are often used in infographics and presentations, as they enable us to visualize 3-dimensional objects on a 2-dimensional surface.

Isometric graphic design will be a fully animated visual solution by 2022. The translation of 3-dimensional objects into a 2-dimensional surface has become more and more common recently. We expect isometric illustrations to have a 3-D effect, dazzling users.

Isometric Illustrations

Geometric Shapes

Designers and artists agree that everything is made up of simple geometric shape. As many designers strive for simplicity, the use of basic geometric elements will remain a defining trend in 2022. Creating geometric patterns may seem simple, but it actually takes a lot of work to recreate a composition without impairing the role of the information carrier.

Geometric Shapes


Web design trends of 2021 and 2022 promise to be very diverse. In the future, we will encounter outstanding web design works from leading studios and artists, with glamorous typography, form-breaking gradients, lots of lines and "scribbling".

If you think you need some advice or tips, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you design or redesign your website.

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