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What It Takes To Design A Website?

Updated: Sep 18

When considering a new website, it is really important to involve an experienced web site design agency. Web design combines elements of digital art, user interface design stunning graphics, optimized content and color with innovative technology to ensure your business gets noticed online.

Website Ecommerce

Website creation requires a wide variety of capabilities

In the below article, I have divided the responsibilities around website creation and web design into 6+1 large groups according to basic capabilities required for these tasks. The web designer job is bit tricky in a way that you can borrow designs, blueprints or strategies from other areas. It often undertakes the development of CMS systems or UX designs. Some people specialize in image design in addition to web design, others go deeper into online marketing. If you are lucky though, you will expand your expertise based on what you are good at, what situations you are comfortable in and what you are learning easily.

  1. Project management and customer relationship

  2. Site and website building using CMS systems

  3. Programming

  4. Logo and image design

  5. Online marketing

  6. UI Design and UX design

  7. Web designer

Project management and customer relationship

I have mentioned the two activities together because in many cases, when creating a website, the person “web developer” acquired the work will be in contact with the client and take risks related to the project. After all, nowadays, the web developer team is often made up of a loose network of freelancers.

Web design agency
Web design agency

However, if the project is developed e.g., by a WordPress expert, he/she undertakes the role of project manager and will work with his/her working method, which means requesting the graphic designer or photographer for additional work materials.

In practice, we often use the first model “freelancers” even though not everyone is comfortable to deal with customers, negotiate or solve conflicts. At a larger software development companies or creative agencies, a separate professional project management team is looking after the above-mentioned tasks, not by accident.

Anyone who applies for the job must have a good insight into all website creation activities. Also, be knowledgeable in resource and time needed to properly conduct on demand assessments and compile quotations. Above-average communication and persuasiveness are needed too, as customers also look at several potential partners for themselves. Last but not least, presentation and negotiating skills are vital to achieve success and reputation in your work place.

Continue with obligations, the person in charge of the contract, must take responsibility. After all, the company, sole proprietorship and most of all the brand name bears the risk of possible difficulties. It is worth to be informed or aware of basic legal terms, but this could be learned along the process. Unlike the ability to make decisions. Because if you have more people working in one team, the project will not work on a vote basis, especially if you have to work around the clock and on time. Someone should also take responsibility for deciding on website issues based on customer needs and feedbacks and of course on the opinion of experts.

I will not surprise anyone by pointing out that the project manager needs to have a good stress tolerance. Deadlines can slip through, without blaming the customer or the staff. In some cases, additional glitches or features are revealed, which have to be included in the project and causing extra work, either for the same price or a new deal needs to be made. In this instant the customer has to be informed by the project manager and understand that new features or demands come with a new price tag. It is also the project managers responsibility to keep payment schedules. If there is a conflict between either of the two parties, it will land with the project manager to handle. That is why good communication skills are very important in this particular job. A huge bonus if you can make a good impression, speak clearly and has the ability to convince clients or partners. Lastly, drawing your own boundaries, assert your interests even against others without poisoning the atmosphere will take you faraway.

Site and website building using CMS systems

Web design CMS

Nowadays, almost anyone can put together a Drupal or a WordPress page, looking rudimentary and exactly as the built-in template. However, to design a multilingual site, a serious web shop, or an e-learning platform with a complicated interface requires expertise and pose real challenge to any amateur. To make mobile-friendly, search engine optimized, fast, self-imaged CMS websites the web developer must be experienced. If you want to build websites that look more like IT systems beyond a few pages of company websites, you will have to learn a lot after installing CMS and creating the first template.

Let’s look at the build your own templates, at first you move quickly, because the whole system is designed to enable everyday people to create websites. However, you can quickly hit a wall if more customization is requested by the client in the middle of a project and then there is a big problem.

You have to build a lot more serious websites to make fair judgements and know what could be done with CMS and what requirements can you meet. After the first successes, there is still a lot to learn. Good command of technical English language is a must, as if you run into a problem, you will almost certainly find it in on the net.

For me, Drupal is like having an endlessly expandable LEGO box. I love spending time with it and build more and more complicated but in the same time easy to maneuver pages. Patience and never-ending learning habit, is something you have to consider if you going to be a site builder, is your technical acumen. There are also many ways to parameterize each CMS piece, and these settings will make the whole system work differently. It is like a giant switchboard with a lot of hidden connections. Not only do you need to connect each element to each other, but it often has to be integrated with external systems (Mailchimp, Facebook, Google Analytics, etc.). So engineering, analytical and rational thinking comes handy.

And since you are in complete control of the system, you might as well be a control maniac, as you do not have to convince others of your expertise. Individualism is preferred.


You possess above average sense of logic, combinatorial and mathematical ability. As well as good ethic, work capacity and undisturbed concentration skills. If you want to be employed as a programmer for a professional software development company, you definitely will need the above-mentioned skill sets. However, if your aim is to work for a small IT company, then less intensity will be enough.

I know it sounds strange at first glance, but in my personal opinion, programming is a team game. Despite, that we see a programmer staring at the screen speechless for hours, while using giant earphones to protect himself from the noise of the outside world [in some scenarios]. It's like you are working alone, even though you're adapting a lot of constraints to develop a software. Also, the programming language itself and the technological environment operates according to bound rules.

In many development environments, you have to stick to all agreements exactly. It is not possible to deviate from database design, system design or coding in any form. The code must be written in such a way that anyone can pick it up at any time. The opposite though is even harder. When your job is to interpret/correct/continue a code written by others.

Also, at first the programmer dreams of developing new, carefully designed and polished systems. A task, where everyone works within their field of expertise, but the reality is different. It could happen that the project you have been added to have programmers from other countries, developing for a year or more, and now it's not starting. Have over 2000 bugs recorded and the testing team or administration lacks in notes/details, because the breakup between the client and the previous programming company was a little tumultuous. And some people have trouble to work 60+ hours a week for the first three months. There are many challenges, before the dream salary is reached.

In additionally, it is necessary to understand the thought process of others and not to carry out individualistic or intellectual actions during the development phase, but in general programming is a solitary activity. Anyone who likes to have real interactions with others, to joke around or to have a voice is better off to look for another type of work.

Logo and image design

logo design and graphics

It requires you to use the other hemisphere of the brain, as opposed to site building. Colors, shapes and symbols are your best friends and you will need a sense of aesthetic and composition. People will give you advises and directions in this area and most likely you will get a lot of criticism that you need to separate yourself from.

I think artistic ambitions are a burden in this particular field or job. This is applied arts/crafts, and it is not about self-expression, but about your client and what he/she wants to communicate to his target audience. It is one thing to like someone’s design on Pinterest, but another to design a brand look for a specific business or person with everyday theme.

There's a lot of knitting and compromise. Just as a good interior designer can create beauty with a style that is foreign to him/her and remain humble when designing the image. In addition, it is necessary to communicate in the least exact way, since it is highly subjective whether a color palette is harmonious or not. You also need a sense of intuition that makes you understand the visual world you're expected to create.

Online marketing

Digital Marketing

Online marketing dictates a fast pace in most company’s lifecycle. If you cannot pick up the pace, this area might be painful lesson to learn. A lot of notification emails, reports, advertising ideas and constant information dumping for the management, demands an organized person.

I know it's going to sound weird, but I think technical acumen is an advantage here, too. Think of Google analytics, Adwords, or Facebook management interface... Not only do you have to set thousands of settings options, but monitor live campaigns continuously and adjust requirements based on results. It involves constant presence, high degree of concentration and wittiness.

Of course, everyone thinks at first of communication skills, but in this specific area it means something quite different from let’s say project management. Targeted written communication is not an easy skill to learn. How to reach different target groups in different genres? How to write hit titles and newsletters that are clicked on? How to change languages depending on the target group? Your ability to compose a text must be spot on as well as to write on topics you don't understand or care much. It may seem outrageous at first, but in fact a journalist is doing exactly the same thing. Tries to write authentically on a topic that is based on reactions and opinions of experts. When someone is paid to create high-quality content for a company, they have to make sure it is based on relevant and authentic information and materials.

Visual communication skill is a huge advantage. Social posts without pictures are almost invisible, no one clicks on them. It's easier to judge the content of an ad or video in your campaign if you have "good eyes" to it.

UI Design and UX design

UI Design and UX design

Strategic vision. It's like when the eagle looks through the landscape. You cannot get lost in the deluge of small details, but at the same time, you have to be aware of the specifics of each area. You have to have process-based thinking, since the user experience can actually be considered a series of processes in which the user encounters the specific brand.

If you are blessed with good acumen and empathy, it will be much easier to assess the reaction of strangers in an online situation. E.g., Will a teenager find funny/awkward Instagram posts attractive? What should be the first page on the website if he/she clicks at the ad? As much as they try to support the success of an online business with statistical data and scientific explanations, when planning a user experience, it is often necessary to rely on feelings. Intuition plays an important role here, too.

All disciplines must be cooperated, talked about, argued, weighed, debated. It's good to be a team player who doesn't necessarily want to win on every detail. If something changes in one area, you need to realize what the change can have an impact on the other areas. If the slogan changes, the logo may be empty because the symbol is built into the slogan analogy. If the product is competing, you may need to respond by expanding the operation and fine-tune your audience. Integrated thinking, keeping the big whole in mind is especially important in product development.

An open, informed personality is also a great advantage, because you need to know the trends in the world in order to design viable and competitive products.

Web designer

web designer on computer

If, in addition to the above roles, you are "only" tasked with designing websites that fit the visual appearance of the website, the image and the online marketing strategy, then the visual sense will surely be an advantage. Nevertheless, the sense of color and form, the ability to think in the system is also something to possess. Industry conventions, customer and target group tastes will all affect your work. You have to consistently apply web design style elements so that the content remains the main subject.

The website also uses visual elements for a variety of purposes. Not only for harmonious colors or beautiful photos by the client, but to produce measurable results, conversions, and to draw attention.

Further, it helps to deliver text content, i.e., to use powerful illustrations and image materials that shorten your understanding of textual information. This kind of sales-focused approach assumes awareness. But many people mistakenly think that what's related to images can only be intuitive. Technical acumen is also a great advantage. Whether it's because you want to get involved in the mysteries of CSS, HTML, or because you want to create responsive pages that download quickly, or because you need to redefine the look of a CMS system.


In many cases there are not direct roles, and each project has a different team structure. Since different tasks often require conflicting skills, it is especially difficult for someone who wants to create an entire website on their own. Whatever form or field you want to be in, self-knowledge protects you from many unnecessary pitfalls. Try as many things as possible, learn and taste a wide variety of tasks to make you aware of what you are talented at, what goes easier, what gives you the most pleasure. Because then all you have to do is get involved in this particular sector.

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