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Learn how we gave this Influencer Marketplace a clean new visual look. It was time to give their outdated appearance a makeover that better reflected their brand vision and image. Solencer is a global influencer marketplace, that connects brands with social media creators in a meaningful way. The services provided are personalized by the creators, which offers a completely hassle-free experience to any business wanting to promote its product or service.

What we've done

1. Strategic Discovery

2. Web application redesign & optimization

3. Template redesign & optimization

4. Landing web page redesign & optimization

5. Component-based UI-kit

6. Payment processor

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Our focus was on establishing an influencer marketplace that streamlines the process of connecting brands with social media creators. After research and discovery, we started our designing process towards an efficient and well-structured platform, that will serve both businesses and creators in a meaningful way. Our designers established key features for the website and user flows to ensure the user experience is as smooth as possible. WordPress website builder was our choice to set up the global influencer marketplace as it provides flawless software for file upload, payment and checkout.

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Our approach towards Solencer as a global influencer marketplace that serves both creators and brands was very creative and interactive. It was essential to display Solencer as a leader and forerunner in the industry with its approachable, easy to use and seamless platform. The client wanted to use a custom WordPress template that we created and developed to meet their specific needs. Integrated payment solutions, plugins and extensive search database was designed and added. The overall design and layout of the Solencer website is very clean, uncluttered and easy on the eyes. We used a muted color palette that helps to focus on the content and not the design.

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