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October 5, 2022


AFGP - A Few Good Production - was founded in 2019 by Sophie Haines & Rory Nichols, who both have a combined 15 years of experience in the film and advertising industries. Their experience has included working on multimillion-pound marketing campaigns in both business and film for household brands & names, as well as leading social media campaigns strategically and/or creatively. Since 2019, AFGP has worked with small businesses and large businesses alike to create video content for their websites and social media. Based in London, in the United Kingdom, AFGP works with businesses helping them devise, and produce their online video content to drive leads and sales to their business.

The problem

Our Approach

When Fit Design was approached by AFGP, they were in need of a complete re-design and development of their website. The main goals for the new website were to show off their video portfolio in an interactive way as well as increase leads and sales from their website. The challenge was to design and develop a completely custom website that would be both visually stunning and responsive. We've taken a step back and really looked at what would work best for the website and how we could make it flow in a way that would be easy for users to navigate. As we are targeting creative businesses, it was important that the website design was on point and would make a good first impression. We had no hesitation to select Webflow as our platform of choice to design and develop the website. It was also important that we integrated AFGP's video portfolio in an interactive way that would look great on both desktop and mobile devices. We've achieved this by using a combination of Webflow's built-in features as well as custom code.

The solution

Web Design

To begin with, we had an in-depth discovery call with the AFGP team to understand their business, goals and target audience. We also reviewed their existing website and took note of what was working well and what could be improved. Once we had a good understanding of the business and what they were looking for, we started wireframing the new website. This gave us a good starting point to start the design process. After the wireframes were approved, we moved on to the visual design stage. This is where we brought the website to life and created a visually stunning design that would make a great first impression. Once the visual design was approved, we started development which included both the front-end and back-end development. We used Webflow to design and develop the website which made the process a lot smoother. After the website was built, we tested it across different browsers and devices to make sure everything was working as it should. We also carried out user testing to get feedback from real users. The end result was a website that we were all proud of and that AFGP could use to drive leads and sales.

The outcome


AFGP had the vision to showcase their projects in a meaningful way, so we skipped unnecessary pages to stay on budget and made the landing page a double interactive CMS video lightbox slider that features short reels and trigger animations.

TIME: 4 Weeks

CMS: Webflow

Before & After

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