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April 18, 2023


Riding a motorcycle with the right suspension setup is vital for a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Suspension is one of the most important components of any motorcycle, as it helps to reduce vibration, absorb shock, and ensure a smooth ride. And there is one man called Brian Nicholson, who has been helping riders from all around the UK to get their ideal suspension setup. Brian has over 30 years of experience, being a former rider, instructor and mechanic. He's based in Teddington, London and he's been customizing and setting up suspensions for various motorcycles since the late 1990s.

The problem

Our Approach

BNRS [Brian Nicholson Race Science] has the expertise in customizing and setting up suspensions but has been lacking in online presence, web design, marketing and overall customer engagement. Brian had an old WordPress HTML website that was designed a long time ago and was no longer efficient in engaging the right customers. He needed a site that reflects his expertise, showcases his past works and communicates the unique services he offers all in one.

The solution

Web Design

The Fit Design team has set to work designing a modern and professional website for BNRS. The goal was to create an informative and visually appealing site that would be easy for customers to navigate and use. We designed a website in Webflow that clearly explains the services offered, showcases the work done in an engaging way and provides customers with a better understanding of the suspension setup process. We also registered and optimized their Google My Business profile to get better local visibility in search results. Also, one of the important factors was to make sure the content is SEO optimized for higher Google rankings and organic traffic.

The outcome


The result is a clean, modern and professional website that gives an insight into the service offered. The template based website is optimized for mobile devices and provides customers with easy-to-understand information about the suspension setup process.

TIME: 3 Weeks

CMS:  Webflow

Before & After

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