MH Services is a professional and highly esteemed accounting firm based in Manchester and London. The company is led by Michael Hayden, who has been providing financial and accountancy services for over 20 years. As an accountant and businessman, Michael realised that it was time to redesign the outdated website with a simple but clean accountants website design that matches his ambition, vision and customer expectation. When he approached Fit Design, we knew that we had to create something special that would not only reflect the company’s stature but also provide a platform that was easy to use, informative and engaging. Since MH Services is a brand that suggests trust and knowledge we chose WordPress to match the sophistication of the company.

The problem

Our Approach

The first time MH Services made a contact with Fit Design, we knew it will be a long-term relationship. Since Michael wanted a new website that would serve as a platform to show off the company’s services, we knew we had to start with a sitemap and bespoke design. The previous accountants website design was created over 5 years ago and was in dire need of an update. After careful consideration, we decided on a simple but forward-looking design that will focus on content, call-to-action and easy navigation. We designed anew logo, reshaped the business branding and set up an attractive site using WordPress CMS. The end result is an extremely clean but professional website that looks great and performs well but most importantly, helps Michael generate more leads and business.

The solution

Web Design

To stay true to the accountant's website design, we knew that the branding had to be on point. We started by creating a new logo that would be in line with the business’ vision and values. The new logo is inspired by the company’s name, MH Services, and features a simple but sophisticated wordmark. The colour palette consists of blue and grey tones to suggest trustworthiness and professionalism. We then applied the new branding across all website elements, from the colours and fonts to the imagery and tone of voice.‍ MH Services belongs to the top accountancy firms in Manchester that needed a rebranding and redesign. The previous website was outdated, slow to connect and desperately needed a new design. To exceed expectations of a modern and user-friendly experience we decided upon WordPress which gave us the ability to create a custom - HTML coded theme, implemented with various plugins. Using professional images, search engine optimisation, SEO optimized content and stylish fonts we gave MH Services a website that they could be proud of. The page is easily accessible through the Admin panel where various users can be given different levels of access and control. Also, since Michael likes to write his own blogs, we made sure that the website is set up to automatically post his content on the site and across all social media channels. The final touches was made by our digital marketing expert who ensured that the website is responsive and mobile-friendly.

The outcome


The MH Services team was excited to redesign the company's website and become a top accountancy firm in Manchester. We over delivered and included branding and digital marketing in the web design budget.

TIME: 4 Weeks

CMS: WordPress

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