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June 14, 2023


Accaya is a crypto accounting company based in London, which was initially created to help friends navigate the complex world of crypto taxes. The founders, Dogucan and Bercan, recognized the need for tax accountancy and crypto service and expanded their vision to offer it to a wider audience. Their goal is to simplify cryptocurrency tax complexities and provide a comprehensive and fair service to everyone. They are passionate about empowering people in their crypto journey, removing tax hurdles, and fostering confidence.

The problem

Our Approach

Dogucan, the co-founder of Accaya has approached us with a request to build a bespoke website that will showcase their accounting services, experience and knowledge. His vision was to create a digital destination that can communicate the brand’s ethos and provide users with an easy but efficient way to make their tax-related inquiries. With this in mind, we worked to create a website that is professional and intuitive. Our CMS choice was Webflow, which allowed us to build a website that is tailored to Accaya's needs and helps communicate the company’s message in the clearest way possible.

The solution

Web Design

After the discovery call, the team went to create wireframes in Figma that would serve as the groundwork for our Webflow-based website. The structure was designed with user experience in mind so that clients and visitors can quickly access essential information and contact the Accaya staff. The design team selected a clean colour palette of navy blue and white, which serves to convey the company’s professional feel. The typography was also carefully chosen to ensure legibility while still being aesthetically pleasing. We added call-to-action buttons throughout the website to ensure that users know where to click if they want to inquire about services or make contact. Overall, the website is functional, easy to navigate and provides users with all the information they need.

The outcome


The website was built from scratch and has been successfully launched on time as per the contract. The next stage is content optimization, SEO implementation and digital marketing.

TIME: 4 Weeks

CMS: Webflow

Before & After

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