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July 20, 2022


Tekkplay is a brand-new company that has joined the ever-evolving electric scooter market. They are headquartered in North London and led by Mr Malik, who has extensive knowledge and experience in electronics and e-scooters. The company was established in 2022 and sells various models and accessories that are suitable for young and adults.The Fit Design team has been tasked with web design and developing an online store that has a focus on design, user experience, and conversion rates. We had to take into consideration the different types of users that will be visiting the site and make sure that the design catered to their needs. The site had to be easy to use and navigate, with clear calls to action that would encourage users to make a purchase. To accomplish this, our responsive web design agency used a clean and minimal design, with bright colours and imagery that would appeal to the target audience. Our choice of CMS was Shopify which allowed us to create a fast and responsive website that could handle a large number of users.‍

The problem

Our Approach

Since it was a brand new business and web design, we also collaborated with the client on the branding. We helped them choose a name, create a logo, and develop a style guide that would be used for all future marketing materials. Tekkplay was the name we settled on, and the client liked it because it was short, easy to remember, and had a bit of an edge to it. The logo we designed was inspired by the company's focus on technology and innovation. It is a simple mark that can be used across all mediums, from the website to printed collateral. The style guide outlines the company's colours, fonts, and tone of voice, which should be used consistently to create a cohesive brand identity.After the responsive web design was launched, we also helped Tekkplay with its digital marketing efforts. We created social media accounts and developed a content strategy that would be used to drive traffic to the site. We also set up Google Ads and ran retargeting campaigns that would remind people of the product and encourage them to make a purchase on the web pages.

The solution

Web Design

After our first discussion, our web designer built a strategy to create a modern website design that would be visually appealing and easy to use on mobile devices. We also wanted to make sure that the web design catered to the needs of the target audience. With Shopify, we had a lot of flexibility when it came to choosing themes and plugins. We chose a design that would give us a clean look with plenty of white space. Our responsive web design London agency also wanted to make sure that the design was mobile friendly so that it would look good on all devices.To dominate responsive websites and show off the latest e-scooters, we built custom images and sliders throughout the home page, as well as a blog to write about the benefits of using an electric scooter. Adding attractive pictures of scooters on the landing page will arouse visitors’ interest in the products and make them want to learn more about the e-scooters. The accessories got their own category page with a drop-down menu that makes it easy for users to find what they’re looking for. With a quick web design turnaround, we had the site up and running in less than 9 weeks.

The outcome


As a new company on the market, Tekkplay had a realistic budget which was considered above the standard. Through smart planning and development, we managed to cut down on design costs and deliver a beautiful but highly responsive online store.

TIME: 6 Weeks

CMS: Shopify

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