Martyna Tabat is a professional photographer who has been passionate about capturing "the moment" since her youth. She understands the importance of detail and how to bring life to ideas in the most creative yet affordable way possible. With vast experience in fashion, product, and lifestyle photography, she is dedicated to crafting inspiring visuals which tell stories and evoke emotion. She is based in London, UK and provides her services within a 20-mile radius.

The problem

Our Approach

Martyna has approached us via referral and asked us to craft a website which will represent her young but vibrant work in the best possible light. Since the beginning, she has been busy in and around the UK working for various agencies and hasn't needed a website. But after she had become a freelancer, she quickly found out that having a website and online presence is essential to show her work and be found. We took a bespoke approach and planned the design and development of her website from scratch. To ensure the website is SEO optimized, modern and responsive, the team has selected Webflow - our secret weapon.

The solution

Web Design

We used Webflow to custom design her website which was in sync with the latest trends. We worked closely with Martyna to ensure that her website reflects her own style and brand. She wanted the website to be minimalistic and modern, so we incorporated cool colour palettes, typography and visuals to deliver just that. We also included a contact form and galleries to showcase Martyna's work in the best possible way. The final design is both eye-catching and functional.

The outcome


The website was developed on time and budget. We had successfully turned Martyna's vision into a reality and she is very pleased with the result.

TIME: 3 Weeks

CMS: Webflow

Before & After

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