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October 30, 2022


Anna Muse is a UK-based online jewelry store that has been established by husband and wife Mark and Elena. The company has been founded with a clear message that supports sustainability, friendly cultural background and skillfulness. All their products are hand-made in India by trained craftsmen who often design one-of-a-kind jewelry concepts. When the owners approached Fit Design, they had a very clear idea of what they wanted from the website and what it should represent. Firstly, they were looking for a site that would show the beautiful hand-made products and secondly the journey they took to introduce, showcase and distribute these masterpieces. The design needed to be clean, with plenty of space so that the users wouldn’t feel overwhelmed with information but would deliver the coveted leads and sales. Shopify was the obvious choice for this project and we custom-coded every page to give the site its perfect lines.

The problem

Our Approach

To begin with, our team of designers researched the target audience, target market and online store possibilities including the competitors. The next step was to create a wireframe that was designed in Figma for client presentation. We worked towards a new website model that would be both modern and user-friendly. The design needed to reflect the company’s brand identity and message while delivering easy navigation. In addition, the website needed to be responsive so that it could be viewed on all devices with maximum impact. The website was developed on the most reliable eCommerce platform Spotify to which we added extra functionalities to meet all the eCommerce operations. Integrated with a payment gateway system for a hassle-free experience that made the checkout quick and smooth. The website was optimized for search engines to drive organic traffic and speed up the ranking process.

The solution

Web Design

Our approach towards Anna Muse was to provide an easy-to-use and seamless platform. The client wanted a site built from scratch with a design, typography and layout specific to their needs avoiding cluttered and unnecessary pages. We used a light color palette that will help to focus on the product and not the design. Added various CTAs (Calls-to-Action) throughout the website to encourage users to sign up and make a purchase. Various custom codes were added to perform hover effects, animations and different parallaxes. The final design is engaging and has been tested across devices to avoid code errors and SEO issues.

The outcome


At Anna Muse we followed strict design lines and styles that were provided by the client. The website was delivered on time and on budget.

TIME:  10 Weeks

CMS:  Shopify

PRICE: £7,250

Before & After

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