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EK-Automatic Gates & Doors is a family-run business providing automatic gates and doors to both commercial and domestic customers throughout Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London. The business was established 5 years ago and has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the installation and maintenance of electric gates and doors. They are based in South London and are committed to providing a high-quality service at a competitive price. All of their work is carried out by experienced and qualified engineers who are always on hand to offer advice and guidance.

With an outdated appearance, a makeover was needed that would better reflect the brand vision and image. When the owner Cris approached us to redesign his site, the only request he had was to stick to Wix as his platform of choice. The site needed to showcase the products and services on offer as well as the areas they cover. We also integrated an enquiry form so that potential customers could get in touch easily and quickly. The end result is a clean and contemporary business website design that perfectly reflects the brand.

Project Details

TIME:  6 Weeks

CMS:  Wix

INDUSTRY:  Electric Gates - Services & Repair

GOALS:  New Website, Enquiry & Lead Generation

SERVICES:  Website Redesign, SEO, Digital Marketing

FEATURES:  Responsive Design, Enquiry Form

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Our approach for the new business website design or redesign was to focus on creating a clean and contemporary design that would better reflect the brand image. We also wanted to make it easy for potential customers to get in touch, so we integrated an enquiry form. The site was built on Wix, which the client was already using, and we made sure to include all the important information about the products and services on offer. We also optimised the site for search engines so that potential customers could easily find it online.

The new website was aiming to promote the company as a trustworthy and leading electric gate repair and installation business.  We wanted to show off the products and services that they offer as well as their areas of coverage. Cris designs his own electric gates so we made sure to showcase this on the site. The end result is a clean and modern website that perfectly reflects the brand image.

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Digital Marketing

To assist EK-Automatic Gates & Doors in generating enquiries from the website, we implemented a digital marketing strategy. This included Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to make sure the site was visible in search engines for relevant keywords. We also set up Google AdWords campaigns and implemented retargeting ads to potential customers who had visited the site. To further exploit digital marketing strategies we created social media accounts and ran paid ads on Facebook and LinkedIn which would lead customers back to the website.

The new website has been live for several months and has generated a significant number of enquiries. The site is ranking on the Google first page for keywords like "electric gates London" or "automatic gates London".  The digital marketing campaigns we implemented are also working well, with a significant number of clicks and enquiries coming from the ads. Overall, the project has been a great success and the client is very happy with the results.

Web Design

The web design process began with an initial consultation with the client. This allowed us to get a better understanding of their business, their goals for the website, and their target audience. We also gathered information about their current website and what they liked and didn't like about it.

Once we had all the information we needed, our design team got to work on creating a new website mockup. This was based on the information we gathered in the consultation and reflected the goals we had set for the project. Once the mockup was approved by the client, our development team started working on building the website. We used high-quality images, selected large fonts and stylish sketches. Using Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape, we converted these sketches into SVG files that could be easily edited and animated. We then used the Wix Code platform to create an interactive and engaging website. The site has been fully tested across devices to avoid code errors and SEO issues.

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