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Learn how we gave EK-Automatic Gates a clean new visual look. It was time to give their outdated appearance a makeover that better reflected their brand vision and image. EK-automatic is a London based professional electric gate installation and repair company. They work with individuals, small and big businesses across London. Based in Croydon, the company has grown to become one of the most respected and reliable gate installation, maintenance and repair businesses.

What we've done

1. Research + full content audit

2. Wireframes + unique template design – desktop, mobile and tablet

3. Content Migration & SEO optimization

4. Landing web page optimization + image compression

5. Beta Site Testing + UX Development/Testing

6. Chatbot integration

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EK-Automatic Gates approached us for new website development that was well needed in terms of growing the business. The new website was aiming to promote the company as a trustworthy and leading electric gate repair and installation business. Our approach was to design a new and responsive layout that will display expertise and competence within the industry. The content had to support this and so we made sure to write persuasive copy that highlighted the company’s experience and services. As a result, we created a prevailing and easy-to-navigate design on Wix website builder.

EK-Automatic landing page on a tablet


EK-Automatic Gates was in need of a new website to promote their electric gate installation services in the London area. They had a specific vision and platform in mind for their website and since no complex functionality was needed we went ahead with Wix development. We used high-quality images, selected large fonts and stylish sketches. Using Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape, we converted these sketches into SVG files that could be easily edited and animated. We then used the Wix Code platform to create an interactive and engaging website. The site has been fully tested across devices to avoid code errors and SEO optimized.

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