Siân Boyle is a professional freelance writer and journalist, with an emphasis in delivering captivating features and longform journalism. Her work has been featured across many prestigious publications such as The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, The i Paper ,The Daily Mail ,The Evening Standard and Huff Post. Based in London, UK she works with clients all over the world on projects ranging from equality, social affairs, technology, travel, privacy, psychology, China, lifestyle and human interest.

The problem

Our Approach

After extensive research of web developers and designers, Sian has reached out to Fit Design to help her build a website that would reflect her brand and create a platform to showcase her work. The website was created with the intention of providing an easy-to-navigate platform, showcasing Sian’s portfolio of writing in an interesting way that captures the attention of potential clients. The aim was to produce something bold and engaging while staying true to Sian’s brand. For the best results and for a website that truly reflects Sian’s work, we decided to develop the site in Webflow, which allowed us to create a customised design and build the site from scratch.

The solution

Web Design

The approach towards creating Sian’s custom-made website was to focus on a minimal and simple design that can be easily navigated. The homepage features an eye-catching logo, a header [with her name], a section of featured projects that Sian has written and an archive of past works. The design was inspired by the bold typography of her logo, which comprises two distinct fonts. By using a combination of large and small fonts, the header was created with an impactful yet minimal touch. The use of bright colours [yellow] throughout the website is used to attract attention and create a bold statement. The rest of the pages feature similar design elements, such as the header and footer, allowing for consistent branding throughout. Overall, Webflow has given us the flexibility to create a website that truly captures Sian’s writing style and brand.

The outcome


It was great fun creating Sian’s website, which we delivered on time and on budget. The whole process was smooth and enjoyable, as we worked together to deliver a bespoke website that reflects Sian’s creative writing style.

TIME: 4 Weeks

CMS: Webflow

Before & After

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Home Decor



Interior Design

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