Easy Webflow Guide | Process | Price | Examples

Are you seeking a Webflow agency in the UK? Do you need more clarity on the web development process, the price of web design services, and the timeline? If so, this easy guide is here to provide you with all the information you need. If you seeking an instant quote for a new Webflow website or redesign, please reach out to Fit Design and we'll set you up for success.

Table of contents:

  1. Why should I use Webflow
  2. Webflow process
  3. Website development prices
  4. Affordable SME website examples
  5. FAQs from customers/businesses
  6. Best Webflow services in the UK
  7. Webflow vs WordPress

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a website design platform that provides web professionals and non-experts alike with the tools to easily create and maintain responsive websites. It simplifies web development by allowing users to design, build, and launch websites all in one place.

With Webflow, you don’t have to know any web design code to create a stunning website. It also provides web development teams with additional features, such as hosting and a content management system (CMS).

WEBFLOW agency

Why Should I Use Webflow?

Using Webflow provides web designers and web developers with many advantages. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy for web professionals to design and develop websites quickly and effectively. It also allows web development teams to collaborate on projects in real time, increasing efficiency and reducing the chances of mistakes.

Advantages of Webflow

- Intuitive design and development platform

- Responsive web design features

- Extensive Webflow design code editor

- Ability to collaborate on web development work in real-time

- Hosting and CMS for web professionals

Disadvantages of Webflow:

- Learning curve to become Webflow experts

- Limited design customization options

- Limited web development features

- Webflow does not offer a mobile app to make edits to the content

- Higher site plan prices

- Restriction on eCommerce functionality and development

Agency Website Process & Custom Code

1. Research & Discovery:

The website design process begins with research and understanding the client’s objectives, target audience, market and web design preferences.

2. Website Design:

Once the research has been completed, the designer will create mock-ups/wireframes of the website using web design software such as Figma, Adobe XD or Framer.

3. Website Development:

The web development team then takes the web design mock-ups/wireframes and builds the site using HTML, CSS, JavaScript languages and custom code.

4. Content & Images:

Adding content and images to the web design is completed by the designer and content writers/copywriters.

5. SEO Optimization:

Once the web development process is completed, an SEO expert will optimize the web design for search engine rankings this includes OnPage SEO - meta title, description, alt text, and schema.

6. Testing:

Testing the new website design and troubleshooting any web development issues like web browser compatibility, web page loading speed, and website security.

7. Launch:

If all has been tested and checked, the web agency is ready to launch the site and go online.


Website Development Price of Webflow Agency

Every Webflow agency will have a custom price list, the below list is by Fit Design London:

=> Personal site: Up to 5 Pages, 2-3 Weeks, £2,000-£3,000

=> Standard site: Up to 10 Pages, 4-5 Weeks, £4,000-£5,000

=> Premium site: 10+ Pages, 4-8 Weeks, £5,000+

=> eCommerce site: Price starts from £599/page

=> Bespoke website design: Price starts from £499/page

Affordable SME Website Templates

1. Saaslify X - for Startups and Entrepreneurs

2. Anow128 for Creative Agencies

3. Bobs - an amazing Restaurant website template

4. Clutch - an eCommerce functionality

5. Fundamenta - for Architecture or Construction

6. Legend - for Interior Design work

7. Persona - for Photographers

8. July - for Medical or Healthcare business

9. Apartb - Real Estate

10. Moovit - Transportation and Logistics

Customers & Businesses FAQ's


An excellent choice for web agencies, as it offers many advantages that make website design and development easier and faster. It has the best CMS and it's the most visually intuitive design software available on the market.


The designer will charge between £35 - £50/h or a fixed fee, depending on the size and complexity of the web project. The cost can range from £1,500 to over £5,000 depending on the web design requirements.


There is a huge demand for bold and visually stunning sites, it's why Webflow is so popular and so well-priced.


A Webflow designer is a web professional that specializes in creating designs, web pages and web applications using the web design platform Webflow.


Based on the UK market, a Webflow designer makes £3,000 - £5,000/month.


Webflow is an excellent platform for designers of all levels of expertise. It comes with a wide range of features that enable web professionals to quickly and easily create web designs that are visually stunning, responsive and optimized for SEO.


It requires some technical development knowledge and proficiency but overall it can be mastered in 3-6 months. Look up the Webflow community, Webflow university and its tutorials. Find a course and practise.


Yes, Webflow is used mostly by professionals only as it has a steep learning curve if you want to build a website from scratch.

How to Find Webflow Professional Partners?

You can find them through their Hire a Webflow expert directory or search Google.

What is the Webflow Partner Program?

The Webflow partner program is designed for web professionals and web agencies looking to expand their service offerings within the platform. The partner program offers web professionals exclusive access to design tools and resources, the Webflow community, an affiliate program, web development training, and dedicated support for clients.


Best Webflow Development Services in the UK

Fit Design - bespoke Webflow agency based in London for SME [££]

Brix Agency - startups and big organizations [££-£££]

Edgar Allan -  work closely on different Webflow design [£££]

Influx Digital - startups and SME [££££]

Webflow vs WordPress

The debate between Webflow and WordPress has been going on for some time now. Both offer web professionals an extensive range of features and tools that can be used to create a visually stunning website.

=> When it comes to web development speed and ease of use, Webflow development is the clear winner. Is an intuitive web development platform with a drag-and-drop interface that makes web development fast and simple.

=> It also comes with pre-built web templates that make designing Webflow websites much easier than using WordPress alone. On the other hand, WordPress requires more technical knowledge to develop a website from scratch and is thus not suitable for those who are new to web development.

=> In addition, Webflow offers significantly better site security than WordPress due to its encryption technology which prevents hackers from accessing confidential information stored on the website. Furthermore, Webflow's hosting service is much faster than WordPress, helping your custom domain or website load quickly on different platforms.

=> Finally, WordPress offers more affordable SME website templates but Webflow provides more unique templates as it has dedicated template directories for photographers, restaurants etc., that don't exist in WordPress.


It is clear that Webflow offers web professionals an extensive range of features like a blog post and tools to create visually stunning Webflow sites. With its intuitive design platform, drag-and-drop interface, pre-built web templates, website security encryption technology and fast hosting service.

It's the perfect choice for content marketing and for those looking for a speedy web development process with the minimal technical knowledge needed. Whether you are developing a website from scratch or using one of their many dedicated template directories such as photography or start ups, Webflow interactions will help you create the best possible outcome in terms of speed and quality.